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Roman Salas LLC

Star Wars Transformers Luke Skywalker Snowspeeder

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Faced with the nearly unstoppable onslaught of the Imperial AT-AT walkers, Luke Skywalker leads the fight to defend Echo Base in this Transforming Snowspeeder. When blasters prove ineffective against the mighty AT-AT armor plating, he uses the power of to transform into an incredible combat robot, and takes on the walkers toe to toe! Whether in the Snowspeeder vehicle mode with its launching missiles, or in Luke Skywalker robot mode with lightsaber firmly in hand, this figure He is ready to do battle. Bring home the power of the Force and help defend the galaxy with this incredible figure! 

  • In order to bring balance back to the Force, Luke Skywalker must confront and defeat Darth Vader
  • Star Wars figure converts from Jedi warrior to Transformer and back
  • Ages 5 years and up
  • Was discontinued by Manufacturer
  • 2007
  • package a bit distressed around the edges due to long time in storage

Careful, your sensors can deceive you. These classic Star Wars vehicles are MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE! Your favorite heroes and villains collide in this awesome collection of mode-changing figures that are full of surprises!

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