Resellers are Bad People?

Resellers are Bad People?

Ok, so let’s get this boring part out of the way. What is a reseller?

“A reseller is a company or individual (merchant) that purchases goods or services with the intention of selling them rather than consuming or using them. This is usually done for profit (but could be resold at a loss).”[i]

So a reseller is a company or individual, yes indeed. When you walk into your favorite Major Retail stores, you are purchasing goods that they are selling to you from their suppliers.

A reseller mostly wears the shoes of a retailer. On most occasions, a reseller is usually a registered business structure or an individual who buys and sells goods and services to generate revenue per sales transaction.[ii]

I might be a bit bias in this subject, might even get negative feedback as well as some really positive feedback but here it goes.

It is only the minority of people that think resellers are bad people, not exactly everyone. On occasion there will be encounters with people that think reselling is wrong and bad-and here’s the punch me in the gut, kick me when I am down comment-that those that do resell are dishonest people. Really? I always answer all questions honestly and receive all criticism as a learning experience. But I get it, someone had one bad experience with the seller and that buyer decided to shout it out to the world. That is ok, but don't lump all resellers as bad because of one experience. (just saying)

I was told recently that I do not add value, not a creator of these merchandise, and basically push products that no one wants. Huh? Honestly, buying variety of products that are either overstock, liquidated, pulled from the shelves to make room for new products does not mean that those products are no longer wanted. People still buy these products and thank you for buying them from me. It is appreciated.

  • We are an online store, where you can refresh your style

  • New merchandise at Second Hand prices

  • Merchandise is photograph from every angle

  • Packaged safely to arrive in pristine condition

  • Shop. Save. Repeat. - Buy new without hurting your wallet


Am I overpricing these items? No! After thoroughly researching these items, I sell them at a lower cost of what it was originally sold for. I also buy from wholesalers as do the major department stores and sell new unopened merchandise for a lower price you will find in those same stores. Now occasionally during my research I have seen that no matter what there are some merchandise I sell that are either the same price as those in department stores, so the decision to continue selling at lower prices does come at a cost to me by taking a loss. Those times are painful to me, imagine money just falling out of your pocket and you are not able to find it. It is almost like that, the cost of advertising, marketing, overhead, and inventory, there are moments where we take a hit but still happy because you as our customers are happy with your merchandise.

In the beginning, I did allow these negative reflections of what I do affect me and tried my hardest to not fall into those categories, but it is so unfair. I learned that if I am honest about what I do, it might not be a 9 to 5 job (it is a lot longer hours). Some days I work way into the evening. Especially in the beginning but that is a conversation for another time.


I could just buy these products and host yard sales, perhaps rent a table at the local flea market, or any number of ways. Hosted about 3 yard sales in the beginning but not alot of people came. It was kind of sad. So, I decided to change the way I sell items

My next choice was to sell online via Facebook Marketplace & Ebay among other social selling platforms but the prices had to be a bit higher due to seller fees, shop fees, and just fees, fees, fees, uggh. Sure, it has opened the doors to not just sell locally but to everyone everywhere, but I wanted to sell items at lower prices

Next choice was deciding to start my own website selling merchandise at low prices. My choice and I love it. I don't only get to sell items within my local community but I get to display and sell merchandise via online to everyone, everywhere. Selling new merchandise at second hand prices to everyone. These are exciting times. Nerve wrecking but exciting. Thank you.

 Remember before you start criticizing or getting upset, I am barely painting a picture from My own personal experiences and the experiences from others I have talked to. Many of the resellers like myself that I have spoken to have different reasons--some resell because that is there sole income, or they do it to make ends meet. Most of the resellers I know are trying to support themselves and their families. Everyone has a different reason as to why they do it. To some it is just a passive income or hobby, to others it is their main source of income. But the underlying reason is they enjoy doing what they do.


Resellers take a risk that most people do not want to take. It is not for the faint of heart. They buy merchandise at time of purchase sight unseen. By sight unseen, we are talking about buying pallets, lots, truckloads either bought in person or online, but the difference is that these pallets are from 4 ft high to well over 6 ft high, merchandises are in boxes or wrapped in plastic to keep all boxes from falling off the pallets, and you are not 100 percent positive if the item inside is new, used, or damaged. You do not get the opportunity to take the plastic off and go through the products to see if you want to purchase the pallet, lot, or truckloads. We don’t always get to see exactly what the merchandise conditions are inside these pallets. We purchase these merchandises, and it is a hit or miss. The products could be in great condition, new, or it could be used or damaged goods. There are plenty of videos on YouTube where many people show exactly what they get during these purchases. But like I said this business is not for the faint of heart. Chances are taken, sometimes good, sometimes not so good but still we continue to move forward and make these purchases.


The risk of trying to sell an item could take months or even a year or two but majority of the times they sell quick. Storage for majority of the items can be costly. These are risk factors that I take on as well as some of the other resellers I had the pleasure of getting to know.

When asked what I do for a living, honestly, I do many things but my favorite thing to do is to buy many merchandises and resell them at a low cost. Why? Because there is still a need for these items and not everyone can pay the original price. I know for a long time I could not, even when the item was on sale. Being a single mom was difficult at times especially when I had to say “oh, honey, not today” or when the holidays/birthdays came around just to be able to buy anything that would bring a smile to their faces without going broke, sacrificing one bill or another was difficult. That is why I do what I do. What I do helps support my family as well as help another family buy items for their homes, their families at low prices without breaking the bank or sacrificing one bill or another.

The next time you hear something negative about a reseller or have negative comments to say about someone that is a reseller, remember these few things. Major department stores are resellers too and some of their prices for their merchandise is way over price but you paid for it, right? A lot of individual resellers are just tying to make ends meet, support their family, and really do not want to hear all the negative stigma.

As for me, I sell new items at low prices. When you as the community donate your items to your local thrift stores, yes you get a tax write off, but those items are then resold into the community. That would make your local thrift stores---resellers.

Amid all that is happening in today’s markets, I am optimistic in saying that resellers will always be around, the resale market will most definitely be around for a long time.


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Okay my awesome people, this is my first public article, and I would love to hear from you about what you think about this subject. Good or bad, would love to hear from you.


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